Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law governs the all rules and regulations in the operations of banks and financial institutions. It is complicated, and it necessitates a special understanding of commercial banking transactions from both the borrower and lender’s perspectives.

We deal with the fundamental laws and regulations that govern banks, as well as the intent of bank regulation, and we try to understand how these affect our clients’ interactions with their banks.

We understand the fundamental principles of security and financial services legislation, and we keep tabs on local and international policies and developments.

Our services include:
  • Acquisition finance
  • Development finance
  • Structured finance
  • Project finance
  • Consumer credit
  • General finance
  • Property finance
  • Syndicated lending
  • Hire purchases
  • Negotiations for finance
  • Advise on business plans
  • Advise on credit applications
  • Security
  • Non standard security
  • Cross-boarder finance
  • Credit policies
  • Anti money laundering policies
  • Debt & equity finance
  • Bi-lateral finance programs
  • Treasury
  • Complex multi party finance